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About Us

Who is JC Refrigeration Cape?

JC Refrigeration Cape is a privately owned and run business with over 15 years of experience in the refrigeration industry. We started as a Close Corporation and are now a Private Company with great success.

We have extensive services covering air conditioning and refrigeration installations, repairs, and maintenance.

The company remains determined to make a lasting impression in the market through its excellent service and vision. All our client’s needs and understanding their priorities are essential to us. We as a company strive to deliver a smoothly run process to satisfy their needs.

We guarantee that our prices reflect market rates without sacrificing quality, performance, or service.

Our BEE Compliance Level

JC Refrigeration Cape (Pty) Ltd. is a fully-fledged, proudly South African company. The Directors and Employees take pride in our successful innovation, which also adheres to the South African Government’s policy regarding their BBBEE vision.

We have a BBBEE rating of Level 1. All directors are directly involved with the day-to-day activities of the company.

JC Refrigeration Cape window with stickers

Our Certified Technicians

All our technicians hold valid certifications from recognized industry bodies. This ensures they have the necessary knowledge and skills to work on your air conditioning and refrigeration systems legally and safely.

Our technicians undergo additional in-house training and individual engagement with mentors. We make it a priority to stay updated on the most recent improvements in different industries, therefore enhancing the standard of knowledge.

JC Refrigeration Cape Certified Technicians

Equipped for Efficient Service

Our well-maintained company vehicles allows our certified technicians to arrive promptly at your location. They are fully equipped to diagnose and address any air conditioning or refrigeration issue fast and efficiently.

JC Refrigeration Cape Equipped for Efficient Service

Experience Unmatched Expertise with JC Refrigeration

Contact us today to schedule installation, servicing, or repairs.

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